About Us

Khoder Bros. is the manufacturer and seller of embroidered cloths made mainly for women wear for events such as wedding parties and special events. Our industry is focused on cloths, superb smooth textiles such as natural silk and cotton. We use threads made of silk, cotton, cane and polyester thread, processed by using the most state-of-the-art technologies. We merge the most harmonious threads to provide practical and luxurious for our esteemed customers for the most affordable and competitive prices in the world market. We endeavor to make the purchasing of our textiles affordable and reasonable through merging our samples, after carefully collecting unique designs which are available at our sale outlets worldwide.

We hope that our outstanding textiles would be a source of creativity and inspiration for your special collection.

Our history

With the large-scale spread of markets in the Middle East in 1960, our grandfather headed for Silk Market in Aleppo to open the first shop to sell cloths after he had worked in textiles industry since 1932.

Aleppo has been the city of industry and trade for thousands of years. When the industries of textiles, garments and embroideries began to develop, we started to use a group of young men and women in 1992. Markets spread widely in Syria and traders began to come Aleppo from everywhere.

 We started to open commercial shops to sell women embroideries and silk cloths in more than one city. In 2005, the number of our branches became 9, of which two in the Capital, Damascus. We attended many exhibitions worldwide, particularly in Europe. When we kept an eye on the development in the industry of embroideries and cloths, our customers ordered the most modern and luxurious embroideries in 2006. We relied on the latest technologies in the manufacturing and embroidering of women cloths and procured the most advanced Japanese machines to start our success story with fashion making.

Till 2008, our main focus was on the local and Arab markets.

We participated in Premirevision Moda Mont exhibition in 2009, 2010 and 2011, in Paris.

Unfortunately, the factory was closed in 2012 for force majeure sustained by the Country. We moved to the United Arab Emirates to start our business again. We procured experienced personnel, modern technologies and Japanese machinery and invested all our capabilities, resources and experiences to gain the trust of customers and get back to the world markets. Now we are profoundly convinced that one can encounter hard times and achieve endless aspirations with innovative thinking and serious efforts.